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Welcome to Tir du soleil, Montreal’s unique and only indoor recreational air gun sport center.

Tir du soleil offer’s you the unique experience to shoot with a multitude of different air guns and pistols in an indoor safe and secured environment. We guarantee you that you will have fun shooting on our interactive targets and aims.

Tir du soleil aim 1


It is perfect as a recreational indoor activity where pleasure and fun combine together to create the perfect combination for a relaxed ambiance on a very affordable price.

Our recreational air gun sport center is intended for every person aged 8+ years and plus. No matter how young or old you are we guarantee you that at Tir du soleil you will the most memorable experience of your life. Come and have fun with our team at Tir du soleil.

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There is only one requirement that you have to meet and that requirement is to come and have fun; the rest is all on the team at Tir du soleil. From the ambiance to the training and the materials, we take care of everything.

When you first drop in at Tir du soleil you will obtain a professional air gun handling training and instruction, it is in our policy to help our customers to get the most fun from their time spent with us, but in the same time we emphasize on security and safety to prevent all types of injuries and other unwanted effects. Our qualified instructors will show you everything that you need to know before you start start to shoot with the different air guns that we offer to you.

aim for price table


Whether you are being an experienced recreational shooter or a beginner, Tir du soleil offers different types of levels for every person depending of the experience. Check out our package page for more information on the different shooting levels that we offer.

Tir du soleil is also the perfect location for private parties, corporate and business events, birthday parties or any other type of celebration that you may want to celebrate with us. Contact us for reservations.

For further questions and information feel free to visit our website and to find your answers. We have a frequently asked questions page that might be useful to consult. If you still have questions concerning Tir du soleil please contact us by email or phone.

Never shoot on living creatures, instead come at Tir du soleil and shoot on iteractive targets.