On this page you will find a lot of useful Frequently asked questions and answers regarding Tir du soleil.

If you do not find the answer to your question on this frequently asked questions page, please feel free to contact us by filling out the contact form with your questions and we will be glad to answer you in the fastest period of time.

Will I need a license to be able to shoot?

There is no need for you to have any type of license so that you can shoot at Tir du soleil. The air-guns and air-rifles do not fall under the category of the firearms, therefore there is no need for licensing and you can shoot all our air-guns and air-rifles. There is not also any other type of legal restrictions for you to shoot with our air-guns.

Are there any age restrictions for shooting at Tir du soleil?

Any person can shoot an air gun without age restriction, but at tir du soleil we require that all participants are at least eight (8) years of age. Any person under twelve (12) years of age is required to be with a legal guardian or parent at the shooting range.

Will I need to buy an air gun so that I can come and shoot?

No, air-guns and air-rifles will be provided to you. They are included in the packages that tir du soleil is offering to you. All the packages (adventure, sniper, Rambo, VIP) include different air guns and air rifles as well as the consumables needed for you to be able to shoot (CO2, pellets, targets, etc.) The only requirement is for you to come and have lots of fun shooting air guns on targets.

Am I allowed to bring my own air guns, air pistols, consumables, and equipment?

You are allowed, if you possess your own unregulated air gun or air rifle, to bring it to the shooting range and use this last for your shooting purposes. However, we notice you that we do not accept any high powered air gun. A high powered air gun is any air gun which has a bullet firing velocity of more than 500 feet per second. If needed at tir du soleil we use instruments to measure and determine the shooting velocity of your air gun.

The pellets and BBs used need to be purchased from tir du soleil, so that we prevent hazards that could occur if any not convenient types of projectiles are used.

Is there more than one gun that I can shoot with?

When on the range you are allowed to shoot one gun at a time. However, you have a multitude of air-guns, air-rifles and air-pistols choices. We offer to you a wide range of gun selection similar to a gun buffet.

How many persons at a time are allowed to shoot?

We do not have restrictions on the number of persons shooting in the same time. In the first range the maximum number of people shooting is five (5). In bigger shooting room the maximum number of people shooting in the same time is seven (7). You are allowed to reserve the shooting range for competitions, but you need to advise tir du soleil in advance.

Am I obliged to reserve before coming or I can come and shoot without reservation?

As long as we have place in our shooting rooms you can come in and you will be served on a first come first served basis, but it is recommended that you reserve in advance by phone or by our website this way you are guaranteed to have your placed saved.

Is there any safety equipment that I am required to have?

No, all the safety and security equipment is provided to you and it is included in all the range admission packages. We are providing to all participants eye protection and we do not use hearing protection since we are not using firearms and the sound coming from the air guns and air rifles is not so loud to damage your hearing capacity. If you have your own safety equipment you are aloud to bring it to our facility and use it.


Since tir du soleil is a recreational air gun and air rifle shooting range we require all participants to follow and to execute all the safety and security precautions in all time. Even though we do not fire with firearms it is essential to have use the necessary air gun and air rifle precautions in order to manipulate in the safiest and most secure possible way the weapons. Air rifles and air guns are still considerated as guns and may be harmful if they are not used with precautions and safety if safety is neglected. This is why at Tir du soleil all safety and security measures will be taken in order to reduce to the maximum the possibilities of hazards to appear.

How to aim with an air gun?

Here is the description of the method that you need to use in order to aim correctly on target with an air gun.



What are the working hours of Tir du soleil?

Working hours:

Monday  2:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Tuesday  2:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Wednesday  12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Thursday  12:00 am (noon)  – 10:00 pm

Friday  12:00 am (noon) – 12:00 pm

Saturday  9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Sunday  10:00 am – 11:00 pm